Books! Lots of Books!

发布于:2008年6月27日 18时42分

I went to bookstore again, spent moneys nearly as my daily consume in half month, just when quitting my job. Like the saying goes, the torments of passion can drive a man to wild ideas. How am i weak-minded when hearing the calling from the interesting books. Now I am dreaming the scenario as in movie Matrix that huge racks slided in while Neo said “Guns! Lots of Guns!”


  • 2008-06-27 - James Liang: Just like that women like to shop cosmetics, clothes and shoes, you seems enjoy shopping books very much, but that’s better from my point of view (although I also like to buy books but never finish reading them all) :D . Hope you won’t pay much on them since there are lots of e-books to download on the web and most of them are all free. And let me give you an alert, I will stop by someday to try to “rob” some of them I’m interested in, so, be prepared unless what you bought are just for your study.